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Why this black chicken is so expensive

Why this black chicken is so expensive

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Pritam Sharma
Pritam Sharma

Introduction #

In the captivating world of Ayam Cemani chickens, their allure is not limited to their striking appearance. As we delve into the story of these mysterious birds, we uncover the reasons behind their high price tags.

Breeding 🐥🐥🐥 #

The Ayam Cemani chicken is a rare and sought-after breed, making it a valuable find for poultry enthusiasts. With its jet-black feathers and crimson comb, this chicken stands out from the rest. However, finding a good specimen is no easy task, adding to its exclusivity and high market value.

Ayam Cemami Rooster

Image by Faqu Sprek from Pixabay

Breeding Ayam Cemani chickens requires dedicated care and attention. Breeders invest considerable time and resources to develop a good group of birds. The housing, feed, and overall upkeep demand constant effort, making it a full-time job to ensure the well-being of these unique creatures.

Why it’s so expensive? 💵💵💵 #

The expense associated with Ayam Cemani chickens is also attributed to their genetic characteristics. The desired traits are passed down through selective breeding, and it is crucial for a chicken to have two copies of the genetic mutation to possess the desirable qualities. If a chicken lacks these copies, it may exhibit undesirable characteristics, significantly diminishing its value. Hence, acquiring a high-quality Ayam Cemani chicken can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on its genetic makeup.

Furthermore, the international market for Ayam Cemani chickens faces export restrictions from their native country, Indonesia. To acquire these birds, enthusiasts often have to seek breeders in different countries and arrange for imports. The logistics and legalities involved in importing Ayam Cemani chickens contribute to the overall cost and rarity of these birds.

When comparing the prices of Ayam Cemani chickens to other rare breeds or exotic species, the value becomes clearer. Collectors who appreciate rare breeds, like Amazon parrots, understand the premium associated with obtaining such unique creatures. Ayam Cemani chickens, with their scarcity and cultural significance, command prices that reflect their rarity and desirability.

Ayam Cemami Rooster

A mystical bird with supernatural abilites 🪄🪄 #

Interestingly, the Ayam Cemani chicken holds spiritual and mystical significance for some. The belief in their supernatural abilities, such as aiding in conception or possessing healing properties, further adds to their value and appeal.

In conclusion, the expensive nature of Ayam Cemani chickens can be attributed to their rarity, the intensive breeding process, the limited supply due to export restrictions, and the cultural and spiritual significance associated with these extraordinary birds. Their striking appearance, combined with their mystical allure, continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide, making the Ayam Cemani chicken a true treasure sought after by many. #